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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Still no Veronica

Yes, I know, it's a sad, sad fate. Would it be shallow of me to pray for my beloved Veronica Mars?

Somewhat in a mood-tonight's my night with my beloved Sara, and not only did she not call, she didn't return mine. Ergh. I can almost guarantee that what this means is that she's in a funk. We both do this, which is why I think we've been able to stay close friends for so long. When we get in a funk, we disappear until we're better. I just wish we could figure something out so that we could do something for each other-other than understand where the person is at. But maybe that's just as valuable.

And even though I did miss my weekly tea outing, I will say that it was nice to have one day where I didn't have to be rushing somewhere. An evening to sit at home on my butt doing nothing. Well, okay, I did laundry. And worked on chapter two for critique, even though I am so frustrated with feeling like everything I do totally sucks. They've actually torn apart this chapter once, as it was my original chapter one that they hated, but hopefully I did a good enough job of making my hero more sympathetic in the new chapter one (which I did, but now they think my heroine isn't so nice-ARGH) that this rewrite will have them both in a better spot. Why can't I write easy books?

And then, because I truly am an idiot, I started writing a new book today. I thought about the nonfiction stuff I want to write but can't, and in the shower, realized how I could pull it off in fiction. Dear Lord, you are not funny, even though You are hysterically laughing at my new predicament. Did I mention that the pages are have so far are utter crap?

Finally, because I am still in the throes of depression over being Veronica-less, and because I have a million things to do and am completely overwhelmed, once I got my work done for the day, I procrastinated on everything important, like grocery shopping and housework, and read a little Ted Dekker. Reading the Martyr's Song series, since people keep hounding me that I need to read him. Since those aren't his scary books, I can handle it. Actually, if you think about it, they're freaking terrifying, but let's remember that I try to think as little as possible.

OH, but one more piece of most excellent news: My beloved SQUIRLY sold to Steeple Hill!!! I've been keeping that secret for oh, almost a week now, and it's been KILLING me. About a year ago, I judged one of her books in a contest, and I was heartbroken that it didn't final, because I loved it. And then, I did get to give her "the call" about winning another contest. But we have more history than that. She was my roomie a couple years ago in Reno, and we had a ball. We were pregnant with our last children together. And so I am more than extremely pleased to see this happen for her. Make sure you buy her book when it comes out, otherwise, I might have to come after you and hurt you.


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