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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Round and round we go...

I woke up Thursday to snow. What is UP with this horrid weather? Three snowstorms in less than two weeks. ICK!

I almost skipped Bible study, but I'm so glad I didn't. It was awesome. Then after that, some of us went and hung out, which was nice. I don't have any mom friends that I just hang out with. We meet for studies or whatever, but we never hang out. So that was fun. But it made for a crazy day, because I had to get B to school, get home, and then prep for class. The day was also insane because K woke up at 5:30, crying, "poopie." She kept doing that all day and not going, so we decided she was constipated. Who'd have thunk my days would be spent watching for and discussing poop? Needless to say, when class was over, I fell into bed and went to sleep.

Friday, had to get up early for a meeting, take the baby to my friend's house to watch her, B went with me because I had to leave early to take her to school. The meeting was cool-my boss gave us all a raise, and listed me as one of the reasons. I'd basically told her that it wasn't always worth it to me financially, because by the time I pay sitters, I sometimes end up upside down. So yippee, I got a raise. And scheduled to teach another set of classes starting in December. ICK. At least that one, I'm team teaching with a good friend and coworker so I won't feel like such an idiot standing up there. Got B to school, went back to the office to take the certification exams I've been putting off. Scored 100% on the one I was least confident on, and the other I got an 89%. I probably could have argued it up to 100-but 89 still passes me. Basically, I didn't like the wording of the question-the correct answer, based on how it was worded, was technically incorrect. Semantics-don't play those games with me. LOL

Rushed off to pick up K, hit the bank, raced home just in time to meet B's bus. Then began the mad dash to get the house cleaned for B's party. That Man took the kids to Mickey D's so I could get some done without them. Then I had to race to the store to get some last minute supplies, and because That Man has still not fixed my oven, I had to go over to my FIL's to bake the cupcakes. And because he wasn't there, I had to do it in a freezing house all by my lonesome. So, handy girl that I am, who was also signed up to bring snacks to the soccer game that was happening before B's party, spent the baking time making orange slices. OH! But before I could bake the cupcakes, I had to figure out what to use for vegetable oil, because my FIL didn't have any and I wasn't going to go back to the store. Melted butter works just fine, in case you're wondering. Finished the cupcakes, went home and continued to clean (That Man had also gotten quite a bit done).

This morning-woke up early again, worked on the house some more, got everything ready for the game, got to the field, and realized that due to the inches of snow still on the fields, ain't no games happening today. Packed kiddos back up, went back home, continued to clean, and got ready for the party.

Sooo... the party (are you exhausted yet?. That Man didn't make it because his little work project turned into a big one (twelve hours). Fortunately, a couple of the parents stuck around to help. However, one of the parents decided to drop off ALL his kids, including one I didn't know existed. So it was an adventure. We survived though, and I am so impressed with the dad who came, because not only did he help with the kiddos, but he stayed to help me clean up. And when it was over, the baby fell into bed and took her nap without fuss.

That Man finally got home after 8. I've been in a vegetative state since. We did watch TV on Demand. I have to say, it's a nice way to catch up on shows I like. Too bad all my shows aren't on there. At the moment, I'm watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Stupid confession time: I've never seen it. I avoided it due to the word "horror" in the title, since I don't watch scary movies. Then I was flipping through channels and realized it's actually a comedy. Oops. I think, though, if I can figure out a way to get off my butt, I'm going to bed. Maybe someday I'll actually watch it.


Michelle said...

I wish we had snow here! It means free days off from work for me. :)

And yay on the raises!

Tori Lennox said...

LOL re The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Not only is it a comedy, it's a MUSICAL comedy. *g*