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Monday, October 16, 2006

Random Ramblings on Appearance

Lots of random stuff today, so take your pick.

I suppose there is a theme, which is personal appearance.

I've got a few friends who are working on losing weight. I love that they're doing it, but I also hope that they all know that are beautiful just as they are. I think one of the most important things we as women (although this applies to men as well) need to realize is that God thinks we're beautiful just as we are. What I really loved about Ted Dekker's book, The Martyr's song, is that this girl, who in the view of everyone in her village, is ugly. But when the priest joins her in heaven, he realizes how beautiful she is. Nothing about her appearance changed, just how he viewed her. I wish we could look at each other like that.

I admit, I'm not all that fond of my appearance. But I know that God thinks I'm beautiful, and He made me special. I'm His masterpiece.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm working on losing weight. Not because I think I'm fat, although I am frustrated that none of my clothes fit anymore. I know that I need to lose a few pounds because of my family health history, and my doctor has said he'd like me to be at a certain weight. I'm not dieting, because according to my doctor, what I really need is more exercise.

Fat chance. I'm trying, I really am. I've been going for a walk at least once a week, but the only time I can do it without dealing with screaming kids is when That Man is home. Which ends up being about once a week. I also discovered a good yoga show (which is SUPER hard) that's actually on during naptime. Today's yoga session: interrupted by my potty training monster pooping in her bed. I did get enough in though, that my hamstrings are killing me now. Did I mention that downward facing dog is my least favorite pose, despite it seeming to be the favorite of everyone else in the universe?

But you know, every little bit helps. Just parking farther away and taking those extra steps is extra movement and just a little closer to getting that heart healthy.

What I think is unhealthy, though, is this ridiculous show I've watched a couple of times now-Dr. 90210. First off, I think the whole surgery thing is just gross. But I ended up catching it flipping through the channels, and what I do find interesting is how they inject so much of the personal stories. Which is why I've watched.

Anyway... going to the whole appearance thing. I can now honestly say that I will probably never have plastic surgery. Well, I never wanted to anyway, but really... seeing what they do to you... ICK! What really got me though, were these girls wanting implants and nose jobs. They were FINE as they were. Honestly, I'd kill to have what they started with. Well, not totally. That Man likes what I have. ;) But seriously. Here are these women who have absolutely nothing wrong with them and they're not satisfied with having bodies that a lot of other women would love to have.

I wonder why that is-why aren't we satisfied with the amazing beauty God created us to have? We want to be bigger, thinner, straigher-whatever. Am I the only one who thinks it's odd that people think it's cool to inject botulism into their skin?

I wanted to cry for the girls on that show-who felt they couldn't have self confidence with an extra layer of fat or gasp! a C cup. Especially because I thought they were beautiful as they were.

And yes I realize that I'm somewhat of a hypocrite, considering I tend to be down on myself about my looks. But I guess I can justify myself because I'm not trying to do something dramatic to change them. Maybe I don't have that same level of self consciousness because I've got a guy who thinks I'm a hot babe sleeping next to me at night. I'm not out walking the meat markets on the weekends, hoping that some guy will notice my assets. But if I may be so bold to suggest to all the single women out there-if those are the only assets the guy is looking at, I'm not so sure he's the guy for you.


Jana said...

I appreciate this post, Dream. I really do. And I truly appreciate your insistence that I'm beautiful. LOL

"...why aren't we satisfied with the amazing beauty God created us to have?" Because we are, in essence, a vanity driven society.

And just in case you're wondering, I'm NOT trying to lose weight in order to land a man. Even if a man came up to me right now and begged me to stay fat because he thinks fat chicks are hot, I'd still continue on with my efforts. My meager attempts at weightloss are for my health and self-esteem only. Any man worth having will love me through thin, thick and thicker. ;-)

Besides, I have enough stress in my life right now without the added man induced kind. hehehehe

Love ya, babe!

Danica/Dream said...

LOL. You seriously have no idea how much envy I have over some of your features. :)

I know you're not trying to land a man. Well, okay, not with the weight loss anyway. ;) I love your weight loss plans and I fully support you, because I know you're trying to be good to yourself, not fit in some societal jello mold.

But I seriously, seriously, seriously want to shake those stupid heads who are on that show!