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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Is it election time yet?

Can I give a little advice to would-be representatives of my family? STOP CALLING ME. And STOP SENDING ME YOUR JUNK MAIL. I'm NOT voting for you. I have a new way of deciding who gets my vote: the person who wastes the least amount of money trying to get me to vote for them. Seriously.

If a candidate is going to spend millions of dollars for an attack ad that uses misleading information, daily phone calls to my house, and to send me the same brochure daily, can I really trust this person with my vote? They're already proving their fiscal irresponsibility with campaign funds, why on earth would I trust them with my hard-earned dollars?

There's this one candidate, who I won't name because I REFUSE to give this person any more name recognition, who supposedly "cares about the environment". I get TWO full color pamphlets several times a week from this person in the mail. "Vote for me, I care about the environment." Really? And you're filling landfills with all this excess paper that I do not and will not read as part of that affection for our planet? Give me a break.

Actually, the one I really love is the lady who has stopped by my house twice now. "Hi, I'm your neighbor. I've lived in your neighborhood for over twenty years and I'd sure appreciate your vote." Really? And in the seven years we've lived in this house, you've stopped to talk to us how many times? Oh, just the ones where you were begging for my vote? I don't think so. She sends me a lot of mail too. I saw her ad on TV. I am still unimpressed. My suggestion: if you're going to come ring my doorbell during naptime, at least bring cookies or something. You won't get my vote, but I'll at least be polite when I slam my door in your face. And maybe, if you spend the next few years actually involved in my community and stop by for something other than trying to gladhand your way to my vote, I MIGHT consider voting for you next year.

I'm telling you, this politics stuff is insane. I'd really love to go back to the dark ages about now.


Tori Lennox said...

Those mud-slinging ads drive me nuts, too! I've gotten to the point where I laugh at ALL the politicians around here. Except for one. Our U.S. representative has yet to attack anybody. Of course, I could be prejudiced because he took an interest in my case when I was battling Social Security over my disability. :)

Jill said...

I'm tired of the recorded cold calling! I mean, you can't even be rude to a recording!

angela said...

thankfully, since moving last year, i haven't gotten any calls or junk mail from politicians. though i did get a flier that lists every person running in my area & their stance on big issues. that, i'm actually going to read. i wish they'd send more of those out every year. everything else is a waste of paper.

MommyCheryl said...

Hi Dream...I just linked over here from Squirrel's blog...nice blog.

Maybe I need to move...or change my phone number.

It's the signs that bug me. I mean, it's this absolutely beautiful time of year, people flock to Maine for this stuff, and all the pretty drives anywhere in the state have a new crop of elections placards beside the road.

I think, in the interest ot tourism, we should outlaw them. Of course, that would be a whole other campaign requiring ads.


Danica/Dream said...

Thanks Cheryl! Glad you came by!

Angela, lucky you!

Jill, I don't even answer the phone. If I don't recognize the number on caller ID and they don't talk on my machine (and say something worth my picking up the phone), I don't talk to them. It's just annoying to hear the phone ring.

Tori, that's awesome that he helped.