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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Smooching Alec Wagner and other things I forgot to blog about yesterday

I'm telling you, snow messes up my brain. Nasty icky white stuff.

Fortunately,the benefit of living in Colorado (aka what most people don't know about this fabulous place) TEXANS: Do NOT read. You have your own state, so don't read this and think you can take over mine. :) Oh, right. The benefit. Almost all of the snow is gone today. Several inches yesterday, sunny and warm today. We'll be back in the 70's in no time. Thank you, Lord.

Smooching Alec Wagner.


No, *I* didn't kiss Alec. B did. We had a leadership meeting at Alec's mom's house, and it was a tight fit. Because K was terrorizing the other small children, I went to the car to get her stroller to strap her in. Remember: it was snowing, which means we couldn't just make the kids go outside. Anyway, I come back in the house and my friend Chelsea says, "Your daughter is snuggled up on the couch, smooching Alec Wagner."

Please kill me now.

I distinctly remember telling her that only married people do that-if you're not married and you do that, God gets very unhappy. Oh yes. We've had this discussion. She lectures the people on TV for doing it. She'll ask me, "Mom, are they married?" If I say no, she lets them have it. My girl is a fire and brimstone girl when she's not telling you about how much Jesus loves you, and I couldn't be prouder. Tee Hee.

So WHAT was she thinking, smooching Alec Wagner?

I suppose the good news is that he comes from a good Christian home, and appears to be reasonably well-behaved. When her father reads this and gets out his shotgun, I can live with having this kid for a son in law.

In other smooching news, Tori asked about my beloved Veronica Mars. I very nearly went a-hunting for Rob Thomas last night to kill him. Allow me to make myself perfectly clear: DO NOT BREAK LOGAN AND VERONICA UP. I like the maturity issues they're dealing with, but I swear, I about killed someone or something when it looked like Logan was cheating. Man, is that good characterization to have me believing it. Folks, watch this stuff. The character arcs RULE.

Speaking of ruling character arcs, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that we are finally seeing Veronica having to come to grips with her control freak suspicious nature issues. I was QUITE satisfied at the end of the episode, given that we've seen this in her throughout two seasons now. For those of you who just picked up the show now, at the start of season three, what is WRONG with you? Go out and get the DVDs and catch up, because this is some good stuff. If you're nice to me, you can come over and we can have a Veronica Mars-a-thon, and I'll be sure to point out all the character stuff I think pertinent.

HOWEVER, because you know I always have a however, not all that enthralled with Logan's character development. We saw the awesome growth of season one, season two where he backslid and now season three, he's just... bleh. I wish I had a drawing thingy so I could draw it out, but trust me when I say, this arc needs some work. Logan needs to grow beyond the point where I believe that he WOULD cheat on Veronica.

Finally, my own personal character arc. I sorta did yoga today. I caught my show at the beginning, but man, it is hard stuff. I had to do my own little mantra, "your body is the temple of God. You are glorifying Him by getting it in shape." I also didn't do about half of it, because some of them are really hard poses that I can't do yet. Which I want to shout out as encouragement to those of you who think you want to try yoga, but aren't that flexible yet. Go for it anyway. I still can't fully do all the poses in the shows (obviously) but I do what I can, and I believe I still get benefit from it. Remember: any exercise and movement is good exercise and movement (assuming you're being safe and not ignoring the doctor etc). I have REALLY tight hamstrings, which makes a lot of the poses hard for me, but I'm pleased to report that it's getting better, and I'm improving. The challenge isn't against anyone else, but to be the best you that you can be.

Oh wait. That wasn't yesterday. Oh well, as I often say, it's my blog and I can do what I want to...

Okay. I have to get cracking on work. I have ten more posts to read and comment on before B gets home and then I need to finish up chapter three to send for crit today. I love that our crit group has started doing this regular deadline thing. I'm getting much more accomplished.


Tori Lennox said...

I was gonna ask who the heck Alec Wagner is, but I'm assuming he's a kid?

Yeah, I was ready to smack Logan last night. At one point, I was ready for V to give him his walking papers. Geez.

Last season I really disliked Dick. This season I'm finding him rather amusing. Go figure. :)

Danica/Dream said...

Yes he's a kid.

And yes, I want to smack Logan too. I'm telling you it's the lack of character development.

I think I've just gotten used to Dick.