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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Just for Tori

Since Tori shares my love for Veronica Mars, I simply can't go without sharing my comments about the show.

Finally, we're starting to see some of Logan's redemption! I love watching him struggle with the move from spoiled rich jerk to (as he puts it) contributing member of society. I'm loving this! I will be soooo irritated if he goes off on another bad trajectory. I want an arc, not a rollercoaster. :)

I'm semi bored with the whole rape subplot. Just tell us who did it already, because I'm not all that entertained by the whole frat boys versus militant feminists theme. I'm holding out for a twist, though, since that's what the show is all about. Take the expected, twist it, and then twist it some more.

Then there's the romance with dear old dad. That made me sad, but I'm glad he didn't totally take up with a married woman.

Finally, where would I be without mentioning Lamb? It's kinda crazy that he's FINALLY in the opening credits, but thus far, he's really not on the show. What is UP with that?

Oh, no, wait... I have one final Veronica rant. I HATE HATE HATE the new tempo of the theme song. ICK. Rev it up again, please! I like to rock, not be rocked to sleep!


Tori Lennox said...

Yes!!! WHAT is up with the theme song???? And where the heck is Mac??? She's a regular now but she's only been in, what, one episode? Two at the most.

Loreth Anne White said...

LOL .. can't comment on the show or the song ... but came by to check if you'd found that camera yet, Dream!! :)

I'm a LOST addict myself -- not so sure about last night's episode, though.


MommyCheyrl said...

I gave VM a shot, because I hear it is so good (actually, I confess, NCIS and The Unit were reruns). I didn't get it. I guess that is what happens when you start mid season. I guess I'll hae to stick with Mark Harmon and Scott Foley. *sigh*

Danica/Dream said...

Yeah Tori, where is Mac!?!

Loreth, found the camera. Now to take a picture.

Cheryl, you MUST catch up. Seriously. The characterization is amazing.