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Monday, October 23, 2006

Pain is good?

Well, we all know about my emotional pain and breakthroughs. Ugh. Have you ever been in a place where you think, man, I would just like to feel normal for a change?

So I'm also doing this insane physical fitness thing. Thus far, I am pleased to report that I haven't skipped a day of either yoga or walking. However, I must say that it has been really challenging because I am so sore.

Last night, I was whining to That Man about it. Free advice: don't whine about your pain from exercise to a former professional athlete. You get no sympathy. Anyway, one of my whines went as follows:

"I think I have shin splints."
"Can you get shin splints from walking?"
"Well it depends. Did you do any hills?"
Remember the walk with fitness queen Diane? "Um, yes."
"Then yes."
"What do I do about it?" Really whining now, since I've yet to hear, "oh you poor sweet little thing."
"Keep doing it."
"What do you mean keep doing it? Exercise more?"

At that point, my hamstrings were also killing me, thanks to the fact that these wackos on this show seem to think that my least favorite pose, downward facing dog, must be done about a half a million times a day, and it is really rough on people with tight hamstrings. My abs were sore from all the core strengthening stuff, and my shoulders and back were stiff.

This morning, I hurt so bad, I could barely move.

However, when my yoga show came on, I did it. I even tried hard stuff that I've been askeeered to try, like some of the tougher balancing poses that if you fall out of, you're gonna land on your head. I did not die.

Afterwards, a funny thing happened. I was walking around, and not only did I not hurt (except my shoulders, I got too aggressive in a stretch and hurted meself), but I *gasp* actually felt good. My body is starting to feel comfortable. AND I got farther into down dog than I've ever gone. Plus, today's workout was a bunch of hip openers, and boy, do my hips feel good and open. I was totally bouncing around and being cheerful this afternoon.

Of course, that could have also been the energy drink talking. ;)

Still, I have to say that maybe there's something to be said for working through the pain, rather than hiding from it or waiting for it to go away. I've honestly never felt this good physically, and I'm almost *gasp* excited for tomorrow's workout.


Camy Tang said...

You are SO GOOD! I've been skipping yoga lately--first my knee was bothering me, then I just got lazy. Now I'm sick. (I'm a fount of excuses, aren't I?)


Michelle said...

Good for you!! I'm so bad about exercising. Must start soon!

Jana said...

WTG! You're doing so much better on the excercise front that I am. I've YET to go for those daily walks I was yammering about a week or so ago. *hides under desk*


Boo! on the hubby, though. He could at least FAKE some sympathy, right? LOL

chryscat said...


Forget the exercise. What energy drink are you drinking? *laughing*

You're doing great! Keep at it!

Danica/Dream said...

I know, I rule. ;)

But I haven't lost any weight and none of my clothes fit any better, so I'm having to console myself with my happier feeling muscles. I think. I still hurt.

Maybe That Man will feel really bad for me and give me a really good massage.

Chrys, I'm drinking lemon blast. Well, that's what I had yesterday. Today I had cherry. Yum yum.